Limited edition Led Zeppelin album compilation sells for $4,836

Discogs reported recently that the most expensive item sold in May 2018 was the 2006 Classic Records compilation for seminal rock band Led Zeppelin. The limited-edition, 45rpm, 200-gram, 44xLP, road case enclosed compilation sold for $4,836 and also comes shrouded in a bit of mystery. The main point of contention seems to be the precise number of compilations that were pressed by Classic Records in 2006. According to Chad Kassem of Acoustic Sounds, the number is approximately 750, originally retailing for $749.99. Kassem also said that this particular buyer scored a deal as he recently sold this same variant of the compilation to a collector for $10,000. Other notable sales in May include a Vashti Bunyan’s “Just Another Diamond Day” LP selling for $3,946. and a copy of Necros’ “Sex Drive” 7″ EP selling for $3,800.