Death Dealer set to return with “Conquered Lands”

Death Dealer, lead by former Manowar member Ross The Boss, has returned for another heavy metal attack with their third record, “Conquered Lands,” set to be released worldwide Nov. 13.

The band is an all-star heavy metal quintet featuring the aforementioned Ross, vocalist Sean Peck (Cage, The Three Tremors, Denner/Sherman),  guitarist Stu Marshall (Dungeon, Night Legion), drummer Steve Bolognese (Ross the Boss Band, Into Eternity), and newly added bass player Mike Lepond (Symphony-X, Ross the Boss Band).

“We have been working on this record for quite a while now and it feels like the perfect time to get this out and give the people a kick ass heavy metal record,” said Ross. “It almost seems like it was meant to be that the album comes out during this time period because people could use this uplifting rock and roll to put some positive energy back into their lives.”

Death Dealer’s sound mixes classic heavy metal with elements of thrash, power, and epic stylings. The album’s lead-off track, “Sorcerer Supreme,” can be heard here:

The album was mixed by Marshall; and guitars, drums, and bass were treated at Monolith Studios in Melbourne Australia by Chris Themelco.  The album was mastered by Maor Appelbaum in Los Angeles, California.

1. Sorcerer Supreme
2. Every Nation
3. Beauty and the Blood
4. Running with the Wolves
5. The Heretic Has Returned
6. Conquered Lands
7. Hail to the King
8. Slay or Be Slain
9. Faith Under Fire
10. 22 Gone
11. Born to Bear the Crown