Greater DSM Partnership releases music mix featuring local artists

The Greater Des Moines Partnership has released its DSM USA Music Mix Volume IV featuring 13 songs from local bands and artists. The Music Mix aims to showcase the breadth and diversity of musical talent in Greater Des Moines (DSM). It is available for download online and will be promoted at career fairs and out-of-state recruitment events, as well as other special events such as this week’s Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) Annual Convention in DSM.

The artists and bands selected for DSM USA Music Mix Volume IV are:

  • Patresa Hartman — “Queen of Everything”
  • Chad Elliott — “Rest Heavy”
  • The Host Country — “Slow Down”
  • Pink Neighbor — “Words Are Never Enough”
  • Matthew James & the Rust Belt Union — “Enthusiastic Apathetic”
  • Katie Sin — “Friend”
  • Abbie & The Sawyers — “Sunday Morning Truth”
  • Jinnouchi Power — “Calamity”
  • The Fuss — “Green”
  • Louie Blair — “IDK”
  • Andrew Hoyt Music — “Lucky Duck”
  • The Vahnevants — “Strange Change”
  • The Copper Smoke Trials — “Wishful Thinking”

This volume’s songs were selected by a panel of judges scoring on three criteria:

  • Songwriting: The quality of original musical and lyrical compositions.
  • Musicianship: Execution appropriate to the material.
  • Appropriateness for compilation: Lyric content, production quality and artist activity within the community.

The final selection of songs was chosen from 40 submissions.

DSM USA Music Mix Volumes I, II and III are also available for download.