Skinflint return with new album

Gaborone, Botswana isn’t what the average rock fan would deem as being a heavy metal hotbed. But since 2006, the three-piece Skinflint has been making their hometown located in Southern Africa proud.

On June 1, the group will issue its self-titled album, their fifth full-length release via INTO Records (distributed by Cargo Records). Pre-order the new release here: 

Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Giuseppe Sbrana, bassist Kebonye Nkoloso, and drummer Alessandra Sbrana, Skinflint puts a unique spin on heavy music by incorporating elements from African culture with metal music, and in the process, has attracted the attention of such international media outlets as CNN, Dutch TV, Swedish National Television, BBC and many more. Their earlier releases,”Iklwa,” “Gauna,” “Dipoko Nyemba,” and “Chief of the Ghosts” pay homage to African spirituality and mythology, while still playing in the vein of traditional heavy metal, and have been credited as a pioneering example of African metal.

“Skinflint” tracklisting:
1. Eyes in a Leopards Spots
2. Birds and Milk, Bloody Milk
3. The Prophecy of Nongqawuse
4. Chiruwi
5. The Hyena Sorcerer
6.  Thorns of Fire
7. The swallowing Monster 8.Tuyewera
9.  Mathoa
10. Tokoloshe

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