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REVIEW: Lauren Daigle, Wells Fargo Arena, 9.29.23

It’s been proven time and time again that the journey up the ladder of stardom can be sometimes be a slippery one. Looking at those rungs from the ground up, all is well. But once the actual ascent begins, things can change, and they often do. The higher you climb, the more popular you become. And, the more vulnerable you are. Only the strong survive.

And the authentic.

When Louisiana native Lauren Daigle, one of Christian music’s highest-standing and most popular vocalists in the industry today, brought her “The Kaleidoscope Tour” to Wells Fargo Arena Friday night, the more than 10,000 concert-goers in attendance were witness to an artist in the midst of an aforementioned ascent. A journey that has already taken her to the cusp of  — gasp — commercial mainstream viability. Dirty words to some.

But stop right there. Daigle is different.

She’s authentic. And for nearly two hours Friday night, she made that abundantly clear.

The 32-year-old Louisiana native and two-time Grammy Award winner took to the stage and long catwalk in classic New Orleans-esque style, complete with a brass section of trumpet, trombone, saxophone and other players to light up the occasion for opener “These Are The Days,” followed up by an equally entertaining “Waiting.”

“Look Up Child,”  from her 2018 award-winning album of the same name were spot-on, as was “Trust In You,” the No. 1 song from her 2015 debut album, “How Can It Be.”

Daigle’s ever-distinctive vocal range was front and center throughout, especially on the poignant “Valuable,” and the popular “Hold On To Me.” “Thank God I Do” went from raspy alto to angelic soprano within the span of three minutes. Tinges of her southern upbringing were also present throughout, such as “Saint Ferdinand,” where she took to the end of the long runway with her seven-piece band for a brief acoustic “writer’s round.”

The R&B laced “Kaleidoscope Jesus” and decidedly poppier “Still Rolling Stones,” despite being on opposite ends of the spectrum stylistically, flowed seamlessly,  as did the 2015 chart-topping”How Can It Be.”

By the time Daigle wrapped up the evening with “You’re All I’ll take With Me,” and the omni-present “You Say,” a song that spent a record-breaking 129 weeks atop Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart, it was readily apparent to both longtime and new fans alike that there’s nothing to worry about. If there’s any doubt that she’s maintained her wholesomeness, this tour is putting that to rest.

Daigle is the voice of kindness and giving. Proof that one can tip-toe into the “other world,” climb that ladder, and  do it all while staying true and blue. And red. And yellow. And orange.

A kaleidoscope of good.

These Are The Days
Look Up Child
Trust In You
He’s Never Gonna Change
Be Okay
Hold On To Me
Salvation Mountain
Thank God I Do
Saint Ferdinand
To Know Me
Turbulent Skies
Still Rolling Stones
Kaleidoscope Jesus
Love Me Still
How Can It Be
You’re All I’ll Take With Me
You Say

Story and photos by Darren Tromblay